August 26, 2005


I am not going to talk about the movie. I am going to take the interpreter training class since September. Why? just want to improve my English communication skill! Having been working at the local company for 4 years, my English skill is getting worse, so I need to refresh and catch up. Just like what the Lisa teacher said " We are speaking the latest English, not dated English." Also, the interpreting skill may not only improve my English skill, but also help to build up my another career! Will this class really meet my need? I will let you know at the end of October.

August 11, 2005


Today is the Chinese Valentine's Day (July 7 of Lunar Calendar). Friends ask me what do we do for the special occasion? We don't do anything special, becasue everyday is the Valentine's Day to us. Also, why bother spending more money and getting less quality service on this day? (this photo was taken at Angkor, Cambodia during the Chinese New Year, 2005 )

August 8, 2005


(the photo taken at reseller product training)

Colleagues are getting less and less, no matter they were volunteered to leave or to be laid-off. Now only 5 people in the department, including a director without any management skill.
You may want to ask why we still stay here? I think most people (including me) are waiting for being laid off and getting money. We have been working for this company for a long time and don't want to leave for nothing.
The picture was taken in Oct. 2004, now only 4 people in the photo stay.

August 2, 2005


After June 26 2 gun race, S-TEAM sent a team to join Stakemission 2005 competition on July 31. S-TEAM beat other 30 teams and won the game. Although we don't have fancy uniform and gear, we have great team spirit, 2 gun race experience, hard training and good plan. We know what we are doing and can make it much better than others. THAT'S S-TEAM! WELL DONE!