October 26, 2010


Taichi(太極) by Juming
Armed Forces by Juming

Had a chance to visit Juming Museum(朱銘美術館) which is a nice place to enjoy the master pieces of Juming. Due to the tight schedule and the heavy rain, I could only see less than 50% of the exhibition.

I will arrange another visit soon.

October 5, 2010


Jan. 1, 2006 driving for friend's wedding
Dec. 22, 2008 at Shei-Pa National Park
After more than 9 years, I finally sold my 2001 Mazda Premacy which has been working for over 130,000km. Since old friend is gone, here comes the new friend, the 2006 Ford Escape which is almost a gift from my uncle. Though this Ford is more than 4 years old, uncle put only 12,000km on it.

This Ford Escape meets my requirements very much; SUV type, safe, big trunk, can handle some rough road, and no fancy electronic stuffs. And it still runs like a new car.

I think this Ford will bring a lot of fun to our family. I will take good care of it for sure!