September 29, 2008


Mercedes-Benz G500 in Egypt

Mercedes-Benz G500 in Egypt (1:18)Mercedes-Benz G500 at Angkor Wat

Mercedes-Benz G500 at Angkor Wat, Cambodia


at the check point of Stronghold No.08
On Duty!
Watch for the shooter on the 2nd floor!
Watch out! a shooter on the 2nd floor
SDU of HK Police is guarding The Penisula Hotel for VIP visiting
SDU of HK Police is guarding The Peninsula Hotel for VIP visiting

Typhoon Jangmi leashed Taiwan and ruined my weekend. Since there was nothing to do except to wait for Formula One Singapore GP. I tried to find some fun for my Otaku Day.

I placed my collected action figures in front of the monitor which showing proper photos, so I could create some interesting photos to simulate the real combat images.

And since we still have one day off on Monday due to this typhoon, I need to find something else to do for my extra Otaku Day.

photos of action figures

September 22, 2008


Art performerArt performerArt performerArt performer

September 20 and 21 were the days for 3C weekend of 2008 Taipei Shopping Festival (台北購物節). It was like a big carnival at Kwanghwa market area. The most interesting things to me were several art performers having interactions with visitors; including balloon art and magic shows.

People may call them clowns or art performers, but I prefer to call them "Happiness Makers".

More photos...

September 17, 2008


I saw this poster in the toilet of a company which I visited in Malaysia. It shows the humor of management.

If you ask me this poster works or not, my answer is "It depends on your standard of cleanness of a toilet."

September 14, 2008


(Sebastian Vettel , the race winner of Formula One Italian GP, 2008;
photo from
(Sebastian Vettel interviewed at BMW booth during Malaysian F1 GP 2007)
First time I saw Vettel was in Sepang Circuit, Malaysia last year. At that time, he was the test driver for BMW-Sauber and looked like a boy of your neighborhood, then later became the racing driver of Scuderia Toro Rosso . STR had a poor starting this year, but they really work hard on improving car design and operation. Now people did see the result of their efforts in Italy.
Though it was a wet race, Vettel got pole position after qualifying and became the winner after the race. He did not win this race by lucky or any accident, but by the efforts of whole team. he also set a record to be the youngest Formula One winner which at the age of 21.
Here is the official report from Formula One official web site. I think we can expect more great performance of Vettel and STR.

September 10, 2008


Bitan suspension bridge

(Bitan Suspension Bridge)

residential buildings at Bitan area

(Residential buildings at Bitan area)

Swan boats

Bitan is the most famous tourist site of Sindian City, because of the beautiful river, mountain and the suspension bridge. Also, people can enjoy boating there. The Taipei county government just completed the reconstruction of sidewalk of Bitan, removed the restaurants and souvenir stores and gave Bitan a new look. Thought it looks neat, I kind of miss those food stands and game booths.

The suspension bridge is the most famous attraction in Bitan. It was built in 1937, and rebuilt in 2000. Now the suspension bridge is strong, wide and can lasts for a long time, but do you know it was one of the most popular sites for suicide? When we were kids, we were told not to turn around when some one touched your back while you were on the suspension bridge.

Photos of Bitan

September 7, 2008


The First Court

(The First Court)

The detention zone

(The detention zone)

each detention room for 5 persons

( The regular detention room is for 5 prisoners)

The calaboose

(looking at the sky from the detention zone)

The Taiwan Human Rights Memorial Jing Mei Park (台灣人權景美園區)is the second one and the only one memorial park in Taiwan. The location was a site for trial and detention of political prisoners during the time of Martial Law in Taiwan. It became the memorial park in 2007 to remember those people who fought for Taiwan's human rights.

I do respect those people who fought for Taiwan's human rights and gave their lives. I also would ask all people "forgive, don't forget". Let's learn from history and do not make same mistake, but do not create hate!

September 6, 2008


Oxford College, built in 1882

(Oxford College, built in 1882; located in the campus of Aletheia University)

Fort San Domingo

(Fort. San Domingo, built in 17th century)

The porch of the main masion, Fort San Domingo

(The porch of the main mansion, Fort San Domingo)

Danshui is a very popular tourist site in Taipei county. Tourists are attracted by many historic sites and beautiful scenes in Danshui. You can visit Danshui Historic Sites for detail.

I spent 4 years (supposed to be 3 actually) in Danshui as a student of Tamsui Oxford College(淡水工商專校) ( now the Aletheia University 真理大學 ), so I have special feelings for Danshui. I like to visit it every few months and see the changes. Though the old Danshui in my mind is quite different from today's Danshui, I am glad to see it is getting better and more prosperous.

More photos of Danshui