April 26, 2008


Lin An Tai Historic Home

(18mm, f10, 1/100s)
Lin An Tai Historic Home
(250mm, f6.3, 1/400s)
Lin An Tai Historic Home
(18mm, f3.5, 1/4s, no tripod)
Lin An Tai Historic Home
(250mm, f6.3, 1/400s)
Taipei Hsing Tien Temple
(70mm, f9, 1/320s)

First time to use the SONY α350 with DT18-250mm lens to take photos; I went to Lin An Tai Historic Home (林安泰古厝) and Taipei Hsing Tien Temple (台北行天宮) for testing. For the first time, those photos are not very good but satisfied!

With the 18-250mm lens, it can fulfill my needs, no matter for landscape, portrait, and even some micro shots. Compared with my Fujifilm S9600, I can take the wide angle shots without image distortion and enjoy better quality images of all shots. Although α350 is a DSLR, it still provides me the pleasure of easy-to-use and the REAL sound of shutter :)

I am sure after a few more practices, I can take better photos with my new toy and create more pleasure with it. If you are thinking to get a DSLR, you may consider α350 as one of your choices.

For more test photos....test1 and test 2

April 20, 2008


(SONY a350 with 18-250mm zoom lens)
(SONY a350 and Fujifilm FinePix S9600)
(18-250mm, 35 mm equivalent: 27-375mm vs. 28-300mm)
(2.7" LCD vs. 2.0" LCD, both LCDs are angle variable)

Finally, I bought my first DSLR camera after giving up traditional SLR for about 6 years. Thanks for the technology and affordable price, I can enjoy using DSLR without carrying too many stuffs. Once I carried a Nikno FM2, a Nikon EM, and 3 lenses. Now I can just carry one SONY a350 with a 18-250mm zoom lenses for most purposes.

I choose a350 because it has live view function and variable-angle LCD; just like my current digital camera to allow me to enjoy freestyle photo shooting.

Someone may criticize the performance of this kind zoom lenses, but I am a person enjoying taking photos, not playing with camera. So this combination is really what I want.

April 6, 2008


Huaxin Street
in Taiwan, but all flyers in Burman
Indian pan cake
rice noodle
papaya salad
I think Huaxin street (華新街)is the most exotic street in Taipei county. Most residents are Chinese from southwest China and overseas Chinese from Burma, Thailand, and other southeast Asian couturiers, so it has a nick name "Burma street".
The attraction of Burma street is food. You can taste varieties of southeast Asian cuisines and pay much less than any other places in Taiwan. The day I went there was quite hot, almost 30 degrees! With the high temperature and the exotic food, I felt I was in KL, Malaysia....
For access to Huaxin street, you can take MRT Nanshijiao line and get off at Nanshijiao station and walk for 10 min..

April 1, 2008


Skiing in style
Visiting Egypt
I am a fan of Formula one racing!
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