March 29, 2006


create your own visited countries map

Got message from Betty, there is a web site that can creat the map of countries you visited.
So I just followed the instruction, then created my own map of visited countries; till now,
I have visited 18 countries. Well, I would like to see what will happen after one or two years.

After viewing this article, try to make your own visited country map!

March 20, 2006


(Great Barrier Reef, view from the sky)
(the famous Heart Reef)
(Bell 430 helicopter)
(in the cockpit)

AUD 99 for a 15 min flight over Great Barrier Reef area. If you don't fly over the reef, you will never know how it looks like. Let the photos tell the story!

Just right after my leaving Australia, A storm hit northeast of Australia pretty bad. The Reef may need to take at least 20 year to recover.


(view from hotel room)
(beautiful beach outside the conference room)
(pretty harbor)
( a sleeping koala)

My company had a regional disty conference at Hamilton Island, Australia, which a place I had never known before.

It took me a 2-hour flight from Sydney to this paradise-like island. We had 2 days for meeting and one day for fun activities. All the attendees enjoyed this conference very much; no matter knowing new friends, sharing experience and enjoying wonderful food/wine. I felt 3 day was not enough to explore all the fun of this island. It would be better if I can stay one or two more days!


On the way to Hamilton Island, I had a chance to take a half-day trip to Sydney. I visited Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Rocks, Sydney Opera House and took a tour to learn more detail about it. The day I visited the Opera House, it was the first day of Olivia Newton-John's concert, so we could not take a look at the main hall, but it was still an exciting experience to see such a beautiful building.

Maybe it was cloudy or I expected too much, so I did not feel Sydney was pretty as seen in the postcard. Anyway, after visiting Australia, I have been to 5 major continents in the world! Keep going, and going!