December 21, 2005


I took a 5-day trip to Tokyo for a 3-day training. Colleagues in Tokyo office and Saitama HQ are so friendly and gave me great help to learn about our company.
Also, my managers took me for great food in Tokyo; made my training trip become a gourmet trip.

Thanks to these great colleagues!

December 4, 2005


During the three-in-one election in Taiwan on Dec. 3, 2005, people's votes showed their doubt to DPP; KMT won in 17 counties and DPP only kept 6. This is a huge failure to DPP! Hope DPP can learn from this election and KMT can keep their promise to those people supporting them, or this time is just another election to Taiwan.
No matter who won this election, I wish all parties can work on Taiwan's progress, no more argue on nonsense business. If not, the election is just a waste on taxpayers' money and time.
(the photo is from ChinaTimes)

November 10, 2005


Yesterday I got a call from headhunter and told me they had received my offering letter finally. This morning I went to the headhunter office to review my offering letter and to sign it. Now I am really ready for my new job! I will be onboard next Monday.
After coming home, I got an e-mail from my boss's secretary. She informed me what I should do on the first day. Well, they are quite efficient people!
I remeber one of my friends asked me if I was nervous about my new job. Of course not! I am so happy to join this international company and be their representative in Taiwan. I will have a great opportunity to show my talent and ablity, why I have to be nervous?

November 5, 2005


I took a 3-day trip to Kenting which I have not been there for a long time. Kenting is not as the same as what I remembered and expected; it is just like a copycat of Bali. Jet skis are all over every beaches, and these beaches are not so pretty anymore. They just like young girls with terrible makeup.
So I visited several parks in Kenting National Park area, including Sheding Park, Erluanbi, and Longpan Park, even went to Jialeshuei. But the most impressive place I visited was National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium, not because of belugas and whale sharks. They really do a good job to build up a place for education and infotainment. Hope this will really make our people to know and to love the ocean generation by generation, not to abuse the beautiful gift from our mother nature.

October 29, 2005


(one of my seats)
(my last seat in office)

Oct. 31 will be the last day for me working at this company. I have been working at this company for over 4 years. I had a unforgettable experience of seeing a company going through boss changing, downsizing, reorganization and many many unbelievable poor management strategies (if there were strategies). I am glad to leave here and have a good move for my career. Although I am leaving, I still would like to thank the great Home Automation Team; they are all great people; self-motivated, disciplined, and self-learning, we could not make this business happen without these people.
Also, I would like to thank my supervisor, he gave me what I deserved!

October 23, 2005


The classmates of Lisa School had a wonderful dinner party at Spring Park Urai Spa & Resort on Oct. 22. We enjoyed the nice wine and dinner, also learned a lot about food and wine from Lisa. I think all of the classmates are proud of being the students of Lisa School and really happy to know each other.
Lisa said we are the best class (19th class) she has ever had. I don't know how true it is, but I am sure all my classmates are hard-working and smart persons in their field.

October 19, 2005


October 17 is the birthday of Kimi Raikkonen. Happy Birthday! Kimi.
Kimi is a young and aggressive driver, he also drives cautiously. Though he did not win the 2005 F1 driver's Championship, he is always the number one driver to all the Kimi's fans.

October 3, 2005


I had the final interview this afternoon. Facing 4 persons really made me nervous, and did not perform as well as the first interview. Fortunately, after this one hour interview, the GM told me that I have passed the final interview.
The company arranged this 4 day trip just for the one hour interview. This really made me understand how Japanese company take things seriously.
The photo shown here is the Tokyo Metro Government, just across street from the hotel where I stayed.

October 2, 2005


I have never thought that my first time visiting Japan is for a job interview. Before the interview, I took time to meet a college classmate which we have not seen each other for ten years. Now she is a Mom of 2-year-old boy, but still looks like usual. It is pleased to meet an old friend and know she having a wonderful family.
Of course I do not forget my the most important purpose coming Tokyo-the interview. I am sure everything is going all right!

September 25, 2005

COMBAT TACTICS International Chinese Edition

Combat Tactics International Chinese Edition was published in Aug. 2005 by EVER TARGET. It is an honor to do the translation for this manazine; I translated about 50% of this magazine and fine-tuned for the rest. It really took me a lot of efforts to do the translation, but I can find many parts need to be improved every time I read it again.
Anyway, it is my first time to do the real trnaslation work and I am sure I can make it much better next time.


The classmates of interpreter training class had a gathering at Spring Park Urai Spa & Resort today. It was a pleasure to spend whole afternoon with these wonderful classmates coming from different background.
We are planning to have a party at the same place after finishing this training. All of us are so exciting like when we were at school before.
I don't only learn interpreting skill from the class, but also know many nice people. I am very glad that I made the decision to take this training.

September 17, 2005


Today I went to " Er Ger Mt." (二格山) for a short hiking trip. Because of a beautiful and clear weather, I had a great view of Taipei City which I have never seen before. There are a lot of good places for hiking around Taipei area, I will take time to visit them as many as I can. During weekend, hiking is a much better activity than sleeping!

September 4, 2005


The photo on the top(CNN) shows the refugees in New Orlean after hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and the photo on the bottom(DOD) was taken in Iraq. Mr. Bush could deploy troops to Iraq rapidly, but could not help domestic refugges quickly. I don't know about politics, but I do know the dometic problems are always important than the diplomatic issues. If US government can't handle the trouble, New Orlean soon will trun to be a Bagdad.


(In fact, this is not Aloso's car, but Fisco's.)

Renault arranges an F1 show car to Taiwan as a promotion event at flagship showroom at Hsintien City. Jane and I take time to visit the R25. Though we are not Renault fans (we are Mclaren fans), we still enjoy seeing the real F1 racing car. R25 is the 2005 model and it is with "Guarding Phoenix" painting on it. This show car is as same as the real one that Renault F1 team use currently, except without engine.

August 26, 2005


I am not going to talk about the movie. I am going to take the interpreter training class since September. Why? just want to improve my English communication skill! Having been working at the local company for 4 years, my English skill is getting worse, so I need to refresh and catch up. Just like what the Lisa teacher said " We are speaking the latest English, not dated English." Also, the interpreting skill may not only improve my English skill, but also help to build up my another career! Will this class really meet my need? I will let you know at the end of October.

August 11, 2005


Today is the Chinese Valentine's Day (July 7 of Lunar Calendar). Friends ask me what do we do for the special occasion? We don't do anything special, becasue everyday is the Valentine's Day to us. Also, why bother spending more money and getting less quality service on this day? (this photo was taken at Angkor, Cambodia during the Chinese New Year, 2005 )

August 8, 2005


(the photo taken at reseller product training)

Colleagues are getting less and less, no matter they were volunteered to leave or to be laid-off. Now only 5 people in the department, including a director without any management skill.
You may want to ask why we still stay here? I think most people (including me) are waiting for being laid off and getting money. We have been working for this company for a long time and don't want to leave for nothing.
The picture was taken in Oct. 2004, now only 4 people in the photo stay.

August 2, 2005


After June 26 2 gun race, S-TEAM sent a team to join Stakemission 2005 competition on July 31. S-TEAM beat other 30 teams and won the game. Although we don't have fancy uniform and gear, we have great team spirit, 2 gun race experience, hard training and good plan. We know what we are doing and can make it much better than others. THAT'S S-TEAM! WELL DONE!

July 29, 2005


Having been working almost 4 years at this weird company. The orgaziation downsized from 1,300 employees to now less than 90 persons, and the capital decreased from NT$6,000,000,000 to NT$1,200,000,000. You cna not find ANY business plan, strategy, or dirction here, but employees get good salary and benefit. That is the stragest and most poor-managed company I have ever worked with.
To leave or not to leave? That's a question!

July 13, 2005


Here is my watch collection! Watches to me are just like jewelry and makeup to female. These watches are not expensive ones, but I love them and wear them for difference occsions and to fit my mood.

July 11, 2005


Alice Yeh left on July 8, 2005 at age of early 30. Though she had suffered breast cancer for 5 years, she had never given up her life. We will never forget such a brave woman.
May her rest in peace.


HOME AUTOMATION(HA) is the trend for the modern home. It brings you a new style of living through integration of lighting, air conditioning, security, and AV entertainment. I have worked for promoting HA since the begining of 2005. Now there are some good examples around Taipei.

July 8, 2005


Guarding Phoenix really helped Alonso to get the Championship at F1 France GP! Kimi also did a great job getting 2nd position. They will fight each other again during this weekend at Silverstone.

July 1, 2005


(Abu Simbel)
(Saqqara Pyramid)

Recently Discovery Channel had an Egypt Week program. This helped me to refresh the memory of my 2004 Egypt trip. It was the first time I visited a country with such a long history. The museums, cruiser and those historic spots were so attractive, but those street vendors just pushed too much and drove all the team members crazy!

June 30, 2005


The S-TEAM members had a great time on June 26 having the 2-GUN RACE. It was interesting and exciting.
There were 22 competitors joined this game and I got fifth which was not bad for me!
In the photo, you can find my primary weapon is M4A1 carbine and the secondary weapon is SIG P226.


Taiwan Phoenix on Renault F1 R25 this weekend in France GP. Will this Guarding Phoenix help Renault F1 team to get another Championship? Let's sit back and watch!

June 29, 2005


I went to Malaysia for the 2005 F1 Malaysia GP in March. It was a great experience.
KL declared itself as the city of motor sports. We did feel it that way anywhere in the city; everything were related to F1. To hold an F1 event is not easy, but I have to say KL did a good job; friendly people, well-organized transportation, and all the support from community. By the way, the only thing I did not like is the weather; I got sunburn there!