November 29, 2009


what grand father left: 3 Nikon cameras and 13 lenses
Converter for Sony alpha DSLR to use Nikon lens
Sony A350 with Nikon AF DC-Nikkor 135mm
Aunt asked me to take care of cameras and lenses which grand father left. Even though I have not used traditional camera for a long time, I still take the responsibility for this work.

Those cameras and lenses do not mean only photography equipment, also a part of our memory to grand father. So we decided to keep all of them, though we hardly to use them any more.

Recently, I found a vendor selling the converter for Sony DSLR to adopt Nikon lens, and it is not too expensive (NTD1,600, about USD48). So I got one for my Sony A350 to fit those old lenses. When Sony A350 works with old Nikon lenses, only can work under M mode and no auto focus function. But I am very happy that I can bring those lenses back to alive. They will not be just displaying items sitting in the dry cabinet.

November 28, 2009


新店客運650上的黑狗/a dog on Bus 650
After working at computer show, I took the bus 650 back home. I was surprising to see a black dog sitting at the last row of the seats. After watching this dog for a while, I found this dog behaved well, so I sit at row next to it. Of course, took this photo.

How did this dog get on the bus? Whose dog is it? I have no idea, because the dog did not interact with anyone on the bus. But I guess bus driver is the owner.

November 22, 2009


Tea house at Popiliao/剝皮寮
Taiwanese cuisine; noodle, "sugar heart" eggs, pork and sweet patato leaves

Taipei city is the capital of Taiwan. Like any other big cities, Taipei has its story. Heritage and Culture Education Center of Taipei City (台北市鄉土教育中心) is a perfect place to learn about the life style of early Taipei and the history of educational and medical progress in Taiwan.

This education center is located at Po Pi Liao (剝皮寮) in Wanhua area, Taipei, which the early business district in Taipei. You can experience the old building and living style of Taipei during 40' to 60'. Also, you can visit some heritage sites in Wanhwa, such as Lungshan Temple (龍山寺) and enjoy some delicious traditional Taiwanese cuisine.

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November 3, 2009


Autumn at Kumoba-ike Pond/雲場池 初秋
Autumn at Kumoba-ike Pond/雲場池 初秋
St. Paul Catholic Church
Kyu-Mikasa Hotel/旧三笠飯店
Autumn at Kumoba-ike Pond/雲場池 初秋
a nice biking day at Karuizawa
It is autumn and the season of red leaves. We went to Karuizawa in mid Oct. to enjoy the nice weather and the wonderful view of autumn. The best way to travel around Karuizawa area is by a bicycle. Please be relaxed and enjoy the photos. With these photos, I do not have to say any word about how beautiful Karuizawa it is.

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November 2, 2009


My lucky tonkatsu meal at とんかつ三太
Tonkatsu of とんかつ三太
Coming to Tokyo for a job interview four years ago. That was my first time ever in Japan (now 17 times!!!). On the day before the interview, I was walking around in Shinjuku area and looking for a place for lunch. Suddenly I saw a signage with a little pig on it and many food models of Tonkatsu (Japanese fried pork chop) meal set in the window. I decided to give it a try, since Tonkatsu is one of my favorite Japanese dishes. I was satisfied with the taste and the value. That was my first meal in Japan(except the breakfast in hotel). But I did not remember the name of the restaurant and never visited it again.

One week ago when we were in Tokyo, also in Shinjuku looking for a restaurant for dinner. Suddenly I saw the little pig signage again. So I and my wife had dinner there, and I told her this story during my Tokyo interview trip. I think I can say this tokatsu meal is my lucky tokatsu, since I past the interview next day and got this decent job.

By the way, this restaurant is named "とんかつ三太".

November 1, 2009


Seibu Dome/西武巨蛋
2 teams before the game
Wacom Asia Pacific vs. Wacom Japn at Seibu Dome
For most baseball fans, they would dream to have a chance to play baseball at a pro baseball field once in their life time. Even some of my friends play baseball frequently, they never dare to dream about that.

How lucky I was! After 20 years playing baseball in college, I had a chance to play baseball again at Seibu Dome, the home of Japanese pro baseball team - Seibu Lions. It was a very unique and touching experience. I felt I was so small at such a big baseball stadium and I could feel the proud of pro player.

This game was between Asia Pacific Division and mother company, the final score was 9 to 9. All colleagues enjoyed this game, because of playing baseball with colleagues from several countries and also for the wonderful dream baseball field.