February 28, 2007


Recently there was a news about a pop singer threaten by their tour guide during MV shooting in Egypt. I don't know how true this new is, because I heard a different story!

But there are some tips shared with you from my Egypt trip in 2004. Hope these tips will help you having a better trip!
  • Do not walk alone, always stay with your group; take care of each other, don't make yourself an easy target.

  • Do not trust any people who say they are Egyptian officials, unless they are wearing uniforms. There are too many fake officials in the airport and tourist attractions.

  • If there is someone trying to take you to better view points or restricted areas for photo taking, do not follow him unless you are willing to pay.

  • For tourist group, usually tour guide will pay tips for whole group, but those people who handle camel riding and coach riding still ask for more tip "aggressively". Please don't give, and go back to your group quickly.

  • It is fun to shop in the traditional market, but make sure how much you need to pay for the goods before you buy it; use pen or calculator is a good idea.

  • Don't think you are smart or tough! These people are smarter and tougher than you.

  • Not all Egyptians are trying to rip off tourists, most of them are quite friendly. But some people do rip off tourists for living, so be well-prepared!

If fact, Egypt is my favorite of all the couturiers I have visited. It is like walking in the Discovery channel; everything is so amazing and touching. But the way they ask for tips really make me sick!

February 22, 2007


Enjoying good food is also an important part of Japanese trip! Ramen is something you can not miss in Fukuoka. We went to Ichiran(一蘭) . It was quite an interesting experience; you have to buy the ticket from a vending machine, and order the flavor you like(available in Chinese!), then sit in a tiny cubicle (ensure you concentrate on eating ramen) to enjoy your ramen.

Of course, the BBQ is another you have to try. There is no other beef taste better than Japanese beef. Also, don't forget sweet desserts and strawberries.


Yahoo! Dome, the home of Japanese pro-basebll team Softbank Sea Hawks, also a dream of Taiwan's baseball players and fans! You can spend JPY800 for a backstage tour to see the baseball field, bullpen, and rest area. The time we during our visit, the dome was in maintenance, so we did not see the baseball field with green artificial grass.
Beside the dome, there is the most expensive hotel in Fukuoka City - JAL Sea Hawk Hotel.


Fukuoka Tower is the highest land mark of Fukuoka City which is 234m in height. You can go to the observation deck at 123m to have a bird view of Fukuoka City. I was so lucky to have a great sunny day when I visited it.

February 21, 2007


During the visit of Fukuoka city, we stayed at Grand Hyatt , and it is just right next to Canal City, which is a big shopping mall. It is not only easy to access major attractions in the city, also can enjoy the great fountain/music shows in day and night times.

February 17, 2007


Feb. 17 is the Chinese New Year Eve according to the Lunar calendar. Just want to say "Happy New Year" and "新年快樂" to all friends visiting my blog.
This greeting image is created by BO2 http://blog.xuite.net/bo2pig/bo2 ; hope he doesn't mind!

February 14, 2007


WWII set; with Thompson sub machine gun and M1 Carbine
Vietnam War set; wtih M-14 rifle and M1911A1 pistol

Since KA-BAR is a legned in US military history, I think he should not be alone. I took photos of KA-BAR with his old buddies during WW II and Vietnam War.

February 9, 2007


(before editing)
(after editing)
(before editing)
(after editing:1)
(after editing:2)

It is fun to have something "Before and after" with Adobe Photoshop and Wacom pen tablet.

February 8, 2007


Recently I knew a friend due to the Taipei International Book Exhibition, and we get along with each other pretty well! Yesterday he gave a KA-BAR as a wonderful gift. KA-BAR is a legend of US Marines, also a part of history of USMC. I am so glad to receive this KA-BAR becoming a part of my collections. In the large photo, you also can see my another knife collection - an Al Mar combat knife. For more detail information about KA-BAR, please check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KA-BAR and for the company of KA-BAR at https://www.kabar.com/index.jsp

February 6, 2007