October 28, 2007


( I and my AKS74UN)
(aiming at a target with a M14 EBR )
( the most advanced assault rifle - SCAR L (by VFC) in combat)

The fun of survival game is not only from exercising body and mind, but also from the joy of role playing, especial these roles you may never play in your life. In today's survival game, I played as a private security contractor (PSC), which is a new demand in today's counter-terrorist warfare. There are some benefits to play as a PSC in survival game; I don't have to wear heavy gear, can dress in low profile, and there will be no one dressing like me!

As you can see from these photos, I just wore 5.11 tactical shirt and pant, and wore a chest pouch for carrying magazines. It was in light gear, so I can maneuver easily. Of course, this kind dress only good for urban warfare. If we go jungle, I have to get my regular gear back.

(thanks for teammates letting me to borrow their rifles for photo shooting)

October 22, 2007


(Kimi passed the finish line at Brazilian GP; from motorsport.com)
(my Kimi collections)
(the first win of Kimi Raikkonen at Malaysian GP in 2003)

After a dramatic race in Brazil, Kimi Raikkonen won the race and became the winner of driver's championship from the drivers in the top 3 but with the least chance to win.

Kimi is a great racing driver with talent and started his F1 career in 2001. He had several time to win the driver's title before, but missed due to unreliable racing cars when he was in team McLaren.

This year is his first year in Ferrari, and he did not perform too well to compete with Alonso and Hamilton of Team McLaren. But after coming back to Europe, he worked hard to catch up and finally won the driver's title after some dramatic races.

Mywife and I are fans of Kimi. We like Kimi because he is so calm even he face a lot challenges and never gives up what he wants. We are so happy to see him to win the driver's championship which he deserved it long time ago.

Now we may have to plan next F1 trip for Kimi!

October 20, 2007


(the model of Lin Wang)
(Lin Wang, an Asian elephant died at age of 86)
(Lin Wang, photo taken on March 10, 2002)

I have not been to Taipei Zoo for a while even though it is not far away from my home. Today was quite a nice day for going out, so I went to Taipei Zoo again. The most impressive thing is seeing the model of Lin Wang; he is a legend of Taipei Zoo.

Lin Wang was captured by Chinese army from Japanese army in Burma in 1942. After WW II, Lin Wang took a long journey with army back to China, then moved to Taiwan in 1947. In 1954, General Sun Li Ren decided to give Lin Wang to Taipei Zoo instead of keeping him in army; that made the start of Lin Wang's life in Taipei Zoo.

Lin Wang was always the most popular star and a part of most people's memory (of course a part of mine) until he died at age of 86 on Feb. 26, 2003. To remember this legend and super star, Taipei Zoo spent 14 months to make the model of Lin Wang and to bring it back to be a part of this zoo again.

October 14, 2007


(cockpit in detail)

I got a gift from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law; it is a classic Ferrari Le Mans racing model car from ixo. They bought this model for me when they visited Italy this year.

When I knew them, they were just little kids at age 7 and 6, and now they are college students. During their exchange student life in Europe this year, they found a nice shop selling the collector model cars, so they decided to buy one for me. It is so nice to feel their thoughtfulness and I really enjoy having this model car with everything in detail.

October 11, 2007


(THSR 700T at Taichung Station)
(700T leaving Taichung Station; red light on tail car)

Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) is a great achievement in Taiwan's history; making the traveling in Taiwan more efficient. It is my second time to take THSR for business purpose; I like it because it can save me 50% of traveling time than ever.

In fact, I have some kind of connection with THSR, because the company of my previous job was the contractor of some of THSR's core electronic systems, such as data transmission, telephone and clock. Though these systems had some delay during test, now they work fine and give no trouble to THSR. I am proud of my previous colleagues who were working for this project; it was really a disaster and big challenge to them.

October 6, 2007


(Sebastian Vettel interviewed at BMW booth during Malaysian F1 GP 2007)

Last week during the wet race of Japanese F1 GP, Sebastian Vettel of Scuderia Toro Rosso crashed into the car of Red Bull's Mark Webber when safety car was leading the race. This made both of them lost the chance to be on the podium. Although both of them said it caused by Hamilton's weird driving style, FIA did not give Hamilton any penalty. Here is the interview of Sebastian on F1 official web site.

Sebastian is another rookie in F1 race this year, the replacement of Scott Speed of Toro Rosso. When I saw him in Malaysia this year, he was still a test driver of Sauber BMW and looked like a kid from your neighborhood. Now he has approved he is a qualified racer after few races. I think he has the potential becoming another good driver in a short term.


(the house on the farm)
(horse "Cola" and cows)
(a calf with a funny face, became tasty burger later)
(a new borned calf)
(Tobby and Trooper)

After graduated from GC, I moved to Olympia, WA. to live with my female cousin's family and study in Saint Martin's College (now the Saint Martin's University) for MBA program. Because my cousin and my cousin-in-law bought a quite big land to build their own house, warehouse for their business, and had a farm for fun. At that time, they had 4 horses (sold 3 later), around 10 cows, several chickens, and 2 dogs.

It was quite an interesting experience for me to have this kind living environment. So besides going school, working at the warehouse, I also took care of these animals. It was fun to take care of these animals. The horse "Cola" was my favorite; he liked to follow me behind or kicked the warehouse to remind me bringing he dinner. Of course, I rode him sometimes.

I also could not forget the calf with a clown face. Cousin-in-law asked me to offer it better feed for few months, then had it butchered during Christmas time in 1994. We spent almost one year to finish all the beef. That was the best burger I had ever had!


(GCIC group photo in 1992)
(GCIC group photos in 1993)

In Sept. 1992, I started my student life at Georgia College (now the Georgia College and State University). Studying in US was not only for a degree, the most important things were to open my eyes and minds to this world, learn from different cultures and experience a new life. Also, I met my wife there!

Georgia College is located in Milledgeville, GA. which is a small town. The principle of GC would like to have more international students at school to help American students to learn from different cultures, so they offered pretty good programs to international students.

Most international students joined the GC International Club to held several events every years and take care of each other as a big family. In these two photos, there are students coming from US, England, Germany, Norway, India, Japan, Taiwan, China, Ethiopia, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, Malaysia, Philippines and more.

If you are in these photos or you know some one in this photos, please feel free to contact me.