November 23, 2008


Fulong Bellevue Resort
Rainbow Bridge at Fulong Beach
Fulong Beach

Family gathering again with my cousins. This time we went to Fulong and stayed at a nice villa of Fulong Bellevue Resort(福隆貝悅酒店). Winter is not really a high season for visiting Fulong, due to Fulong beach closed. But we were so lucky to get 2 fine days there after a raining week. Took some photos and would like to share with you.

November 22, 2008


Western Arms Sigarms GSR
Western Arms Sigarms GSR

the M1911 style design
Western Arms Sigarms GSR
SIG ARMS and GSR logod on the slide

GSR is quite a special pistol from Sig Arms. It is obviously designed for US market, because its 1911 style appearance. GSR(Granite State Rail) is named in honor of the motto of the state of New Hampshire, but recently it was re-named just 1911.

This GSR is made by Western Arms, a very popular BB pistol manufacture. Western Arms BB guns are famous of its quality, performance and details, but also higher price.

Once I had this GSR as my side arm for survival game. After considering the durability, parts availability and its price, I switched to Sig P226. Now I just keep it as one of my collections.

November 20, 2008


Tokyo Marui Sig Sauer P226

Tokyo Marui Sig Sauer P226 with a M3 light

the rail became a must for modern arms for mounting weapon lights or aiming devices

In real gun world, Sig Sauer is always the guarantee of high quality pistols. Their products are always the first choice of special forces and secret agents around the world. I tried the real P226 and P229 long time ago; smooth trigger pull and accuracy did impress me!

My Sig P226 is made by
Tokyo Marui, again a major Japanese BB gun company. Recently, Tokyo Marui produced a lot of nice BB pistols at reasonable prices. Maybe they do not look fancy as the pistols from Western Arms, but quite reliable for survival games just like their electronic airsoft BB guns.

November 17, 2008


KSC Glock 17 with M3 lightKSC Glock 17 with M3 light

Glock 17 with a M3 combat light KSC Glock 17

the rail for combat light/laser device, also see its special trigger safety

Glock is a very popular brand, no matter in real gun world or BB gun world. I had a real Glock 22 many years ago, so I also have a Glock BB gun for my collections since it is impossible to have a real one at this moment.

This Glock 17 is made by KSC. Though it is under a Japanese brand, but it is made in Taiwan. So it is affordable and easy to get upgrade parts. I have owned this Glock 17 for several years; quite reliable and accurate for airsoft IPSC and survival game.

Though my side arms for survival game became a Sig Sauer P226, I still enjoy playing this Glock 17. The metal slide makes a real gun like sound when I pull the slide for loading.

November 11, 2008


class for Flash creation at Queensland Academy for Design IndustriesDigital portrait class with Wacom Intuos3 tablet at Queensland Academy for design industriesLucky boy working with a Wacom Cintiq 12WX pen LCD at Queensland Academy for design industries

Creative industries became very popular around the world recently, so we can see a lot schools offering design related training courses. During the biz trip to Australia, I had a chance to visit Queensland Academy for Creative Industries in Brisbane. In fact, it is a high school which just started 2 years ago. So far, only around 150 students in this school and they expect to have 400.

This school provides a platform for students to pursue careers in traditional arts fields such as film and television, music, visual art, and the performing arts.

We visited 3 classrooms, talked to some students and watched some of their art works. I have to say these student are really brilliant and creative, and their art works are really at pro level.

I think these students are really lucky to study at this school. The facilities are really good, and the teachers are full of passion. I believe those students will have great careers in the future, and this school will enjoy a great reputation not only in Brisbane, but also in whole country.

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November 7, 2008


Singapore Airlines A380 at Changi
Singapore Airlines A380-800, like a big whale
Personal entertainment system of A380; economic class.
personal entertainment system with a wide screen LCD
Airbus A380 over Australia
A380 over Australia

Airbus A380 is the largest airliner in the world at this moment and may keep this title for few decades. Since design, production, test to promotions, A380 was always media's favorite.

Singapore Airlines ordered 25 A380-800 in 2000 and recived the first one in 2007. They became the first airlines to operate A380 and provided their first service from Singapore to Sydney. Because there is no A380 flight route to Taiwan, I did not think I have a chance to fly with this famous airplane. Luckily, I had to go Sydney for business purpose in early Nov.. So I flew to Singapore, then took this legent A380 to Sydney.

When I had the first glance at the A380; it was like a big whale at the airport. A380 is just few meters longer than B747, but its true double deck fuselage makes it higher than a B747.

Maybe seeing to many Discovery Channel TV shows and advertising about A380, I had too much expectation on it and that brought me disappointment. "It looks big outside, but still small inside". I was disappointed on its seat arrangement in economic class cabin. The room for legs is less than B777 and A330. I did not feel any privilege of it.

The only thing I do appreciate is the personal entertainment system. The wide screen format LCD gives a better view on movie. The system provides not only movies, but also learning and working. But...who wants to creat word document, spreadsheet and presentation file with this system on an airplane.

Friends asked me how I like the A380. My answer is "Only rich people can feel the privilege of A380, not those people who sit in economic class."

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