March 18, 2012


HK Mk23 and silencer
HK Mk23 and silencer
separated safety and decoking level
HK Mk23 vs. Colt M1911A1

I am a fan of H&K firearms and did have some experience of real H&K firearms shooting; such as G3 rifle and Mk23 pistol. Mk23 is a pistol design for US military special operation purpose, so it came with a very US style design; caliber in .45ACP, separate safety and de-cocking level. Compared with other military pistol, Mk23 is really a huge one, only smaller than Desert Eagle I think. Thanks to H&K's state of art engineering of recoil system, this big pistol shoots like a 9mm pistol. I could shoot it well with only one hand.

My Mk23 BB gun is made by KSC Taiwan. It came with metal slide, but plastic barrel. After few times of screw on and off silencer, the thread of plastic barrel was worn out. Then I replaced a metal barrel and stronger recoil spring. Now it works better than the one directly coming from factory.