September 25, 2005

COMBAT TACTICS International Chinese Edition

Combat Tactics International Chinese Edition was published in Aug. 2005 by EVER TARGET. It is an honor to do the translation for this manazine; I translated about 50% of this magazine and fine-tuned for the rest. It really took me a lot of efforts to do the translation, but I can find many parts need to be improved every time I read it again.
Anyway, it is my first time to do the real trnaslation work and I am sure I can make it much better next time.


The classmates of interpreter training class had a gathering at Spring Park Urai Spa & Resort today. It was a pleasure to spend whole afternoon with these wonderful classmates coming from different background.
We are planning to have a party at the same place after finishing this training. All of us are so exciting like when we were at school before.
I don't only learn interpreting skill from the class, but also know many nice people. I am very glad that I made the decision to take this training.

September 17, 2005


Today I went to " Er Ger Mt." (二格山) for a short hiking trip. Because of a beautiful and clear weather, I had a great view of Taipei City which I have never seen before. There are a lot of good places for hiking around Taipei area, I will take time to visit them as many as I can. During weekend, hiking is a much better activity than sleeping!

September 4, 2005


The photo on the top(CNN) shows the refugees in New Orlean after hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and the photo on the bottom(DOD) was taken in Iraq. Mr. Bush could deploy troops to Iraq rapidly, but could not help domestic refugges quickly. I don't know about politics, but I do know the dometic problems are always important than the diplomatic issues. If US government can't handle the trouble, New Orlean soon will trun to be a Bagdad.


(In fact, this is not Aloso's car, but Fisco's.)

Renault arranges an F1 show car to Taiwan as a promotion event at flagship showroom at Hsintien City. Jane and I take time to visit the R25. Though we are not Renault fans (we are Mclaren fans), we still enjoy seeing the real F1 racing car. R25 is the 2005 model and it is with "Guarding Phoenix" painting on it. This show car is as same as the real one that Renault F1 team use currently, except without engine.