August 28, 2011


PX4 with large back strap
accessary rail of PX4, easy to mount combat light or laser pointer
PX4 comes with 3 sizes of back straps, I prefer medium size back strap.

Not a long time ago, there was a movie "Inception" was popular in the world. The story talks about how to get information by entering people's subconscious. In that movie, the actor Leonardo DiCaprio used a compact size pistol, and it was one of the new pistol from Beretta, the PX4.

I bought a PX4 BB pistol about one month ago. It is made by a Taiwanese company named Wei E. The produce a lot inexpensive BB guns and quite popular among BB gun and survival game enthusiasts. This pistol comes with a metal slides, a metal barrel and 3 different sizes of back straps for grip, just like for real pistol.

Though the logo and mark on this BB is not exactly same as real one due to license issue, it is still a nice piece to play with. Not to mention such a good deal at the price of NTD2500(USD83).