February 15, 2012


McLaren dealer in Johannesburg, SA
Daytona Group show room
McLaren MP4-22, Hamilton's car in 2007
3.8L V8 engine of McLaren MP4-12C
Ferrari 599
There are always some surprises happen during the trip. The day before we left Johannesburg, SA., we saw a McLaren dealer just cross the street from our hotel. We were quite exciting, because it is very difficult to see the McLaren dealer. Due to the safe issue, we did not go to see the show room at 9 p.m.. Instead, we went there before having the breakfast.

Surprisingly, there were more luxurious car dealers than we expect; Aston Martin, McLaren, and BMW. Since it is in the early morning, so Aston Martin show room was still closed, so we went to visit the McLaren show room.  The automatic doors opened and welcomed us, but there is no one inside, so we just enjoyed taking photos in the show room. The best was we saw a McLaren Formula One racing there; it is rare to see. We also saw Ferrari, Aston Martin and Audi. Later I realized the show room belonging to Daytona Group which is a very big luxurious car dealer in South Africa. Hope they do not mind our visit :)

February 5, 2012


Go Safari!!
Eland 大羚羊
zebras 斑馬
male Nyala 安氏林羚/東非條紋羚
2 male lions 公獅
giraffe 長頸鹿
White rhinos 白犀牛

Whenever people mention the trip to Africa, most people think about Safari. Safari is really an important part of trip to Africa. During our trip to South Africa, We visited Mabula Private Game reserve, and stayed at Mabula Game Lodge. Mabula Game Lodge provides very good package for visitors, including accommodation, dining and safaris. We experienced 2 safaris; one in the late afternoon from 4:30 p.m. and one early safari from 5:30 a.m.. It took two and half hours for each trip.

It is a totally different experience compared with visiting zoo. Animals in the zoo are waiting for you, but you need to find animals at game reserve.  So you may be exciting or disappoint for each trip; it depends how luck you are.

During the two safaris, we saw a lot of amazing animals. Four of African Big 5; elephant, rhinos, giraffes, lions and buffaloes, but no leopard or cheetah.  We also saw hippos, zebras, different kinds of antelopes and other animals. We though it was quite a successful and exciting safari.

Game reserve is a nice place to keep animals at the natural environment and also a perfect place for tourist to learn about the mother nature and animals.

After 2 safaris, I do believe pushing shutters to keep the images of animals is much better than pulling trigger to have the animal head as a trophy on the wall.  We are thinking we may take further step to go safari in Kenya after having fun for this safari trip.

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February 2, 2012


View of Cape Town from Table Mountain
V & A Waterfront and Table Mountain
Seal Island, South Africa
African Penguins at Boulders, South Africa

My second time to visit Africa, I chose South Africa as my destination. The first city I visited was Cape Town. Cape Town is a very unique city. Though it is located in South Africa, I felt it is more like an European City, due to its building style and life style. I also saw more white people than other cities.

Cape Town area is a fun place; there is beautiful V & A waterfront for shopping and dining. Also Table Mountain for hiking, then the famous Cape of Good Hope. Also you can get very closed to wild seals and penguins. It is a perfect place for family.

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