May 6, 2012


Browning HP WWII Chinese Government model (by WE) Browning HP WWII Chinese Government model (by WE)Canada made Browning High Power 9mm pistol for Chinese government in WWII
During WW II, Chinese armed forces used a lot small arms from US, Europe, Russian, even the arms captured from Japanese enemies. Among so many weapons, I think Browning Hi-Power pistol is quite unique one.  Hi-Power pistol was widely adopted by many European countries, but the one I am talking about is the Chinese government model.

This model was made by Inglis, Canada. This model came with an adjust rear sight up to 500 meters and was able to adopt a should stock for long rang shooting. Also, it marked "中華民國國有" (Chinese Government's property). That is the cause making this small arm so special. 

Mine Hi-Power BB pistol is made by WE, a Taiwanese BB gun company.  This model is a full metal model but no any mark on it. So I paid a little extra money to get one with  "中華民國國有" on it. If you are willing to pay more, you can get a fully modified model with completed mark and the lay yard ring just like the real one.

The top 2 photos are showing the BB gun, and the bottom one is photo of real gun (the red colored mark is not a standard ) which is displayed at  Armed Forces Museum, Taipei.

May 1, 2012


Kozanteiubuya  湖山亭うぶや Kozanteiubuya  湖山亭うぶや view form the room in the morning @ Kozanteiubuya  湖山亭うぶや Guest room @ Kozanteiubuya  湖山亭うぶやDinner @Kozanteiubuya  湖山亭うぶや 

We stayed in Kawaguchiko (河口湖) for 2 nights; one night at Hotel Regina Kawaguchiko, and one night at Kozanteiubuya. Hotel Regina is a perfect hotel for family and it provides a great Mt. Fuji view from the guest rooms, but it is a bit far away from station and the lake.

For the second night, we stayed at Kozanteiubuya. Be honest, we thought it over several times before making the reservation, due to above average price. But after viewing some traveling blogs, we decided to enjoy it as a gift for our 12th wedding anniversary.

Kozanteiubuya occupies the best location in Kawaguchiko area, provides the best views combined with Mt. Fuji and the lake; from each guest room, restaurant, bar, and hot spring bathrooms (outdoor and indoor).

We booked the smallest room on 5th floor with 2 meals (dinner and breakfast) at the cost of JPY52,000 (USD648). Once we stepped in the hotel, we did feel we were well taken cared; from personal check-in, brief of hotel, the quality and service of meals and all the privileges.

The decoration of the guest room is not so luxurious as other hotels we have been to, but the window view and the atmosphere made us feel so relaxing and comfortable. I even did not want to turn on the TV, I just wanted enjoying the amazing view of Mt. Fuji and the lake from everywhere in the hotel.

Kozanteiubuya is a hotel providing tradition Japanese hospitality and giving a really relaxing environment to all the guests. If you visit Kawaguchiko area and have some extra budget, I do recommend you to stay one night at Kozanteiubuya. You will get more than what you pay.