June 30, 2009


Blue MosqueHagia SophiaBosphorus, between Asia and Europe

Before going to Istanbul, all I knew about Istanbul is a city cross Asia and Europe, the largest city in Turkey, and of course they have a circuit for F1 racing.

Due to tight schedule, we only spend one full day in Istanbul. We visited those most attraction sites: Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and Hagia Sophia. Before taking the boat tour on Bosphorus, we also spend some time at Spice Bazaar. These places are really pretty and they really helped me to learn more about the Turkey in the past.

But what really surprised me is Istanbul is a truly international city; modern, organized, and friendly. Also, they are not like other Islamic countries, they are more open. I think it is one of the key factors why Istanbul can play such an important role in the world. But the only one thing I don't like is that most signage are in Turkish only.

Photos of Istanbul

June 25, 2009


Jane and I joined a tour group for a 12 day trip to Turkey and Greece from 13 to 24 in June. We did enjoy experiencing different cultures and visiting many attractive sites. Also, we had the first time of cruise. Though it was not a luxurious one, we still enjoyed the beautiful scenery at Aegean Sea area.
  • Day 1, Taipei - Hong Kong - Istanbul
  • Day 2, Istanbul
  • Day 3, Istanbul - Ankara - Cappadocia
  • Day 4, Cappadocia
  • Day 5, Cappadocia - Konya
  • Day 6, Konya - Pamukkale
  • Day 7, Pamukkale - Ephesus - Kusadasi
  • Day 8, Kusadasi (leave Turkey, on a Cruiser) - Patmos
  • Day 9, Kriti - Santorini
  • Day 10, Athens
  • Day 11-12, Athens - Istanbul -Hong Kong - Taipei

We took almost 3000 photos during this trip. Please give me some time to organize them and upload to my Flickr site. I will share the pleasure from this trip with you soon!

June 12, 2009


Baoan TempleBaoan Temple

Dalongdong area is one of the early developed area in Taipei City. And the most famous site of Dalongdong area is Baoan Temple. Baoan Temple was built in 1830 and it was the religion center of early Taipei. Now Baoan Temple is having the Baoan Cultural Festival every year to promote the traditional temple fair and folk religion. It is a place worthy to visit to learn the beauty of Taiwanese temple.

In Dalongdong area, you also can visit the Taipei Confucius Temple which is much younger than Baoan Temple in Taiwan history.

more photos