September 16, 2009


photo taken on 5 Nov., 2005
photo taken on 13 Sept., 2009
Visited the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium again and I was so surprised those "little belugas" have become big belugas. The last time I visited this aquarium was 4 years ago, and belugas were still little and cute. According to the description from aquarium, baby beluga is about 150cm long and weights about 80Kg. An adult beluga may become 5m in length and weights 1500kg. So I think those belugas are still young and they are still growing. Maybe after another 4 years, they will become huge belugas.

Anyway, it is nice to see them healthy, but not sure they are happy.

September 5, 2009


modified KSC Beretta Elite pistol, with an Al Mar knife
modified KSC Beretta Elite pistol, the compensator
modified KSC Beretta Elite pistol, the safety

Beretta 92 pistol may be the most popular handgun in the real world and BB gun world, since it was chosen as a standard sidearm by military forces and police units of many countries. So almost every BB gun fans will keep at least one Beretta 92 series pistol. Mine is a Beretta Elite manufactured by KSC, a Japanese brand but OEM in Taiwan. I got this one more than 5 years ago, and it is not available now.

According to the common appearance of Beretta 92, I decided to give it a plastic surgery when I found a modified kit from G&G. After adopting the compensator kit, I also replaced the original grip by a HOUGE grip which is a real gun parts. Those modification made this normal Beretta look more unique and professional. In the real world, this kind of kit won't be adopted by military units, but only for competition and Hollywood movies.