January 26, 2008


(remove the 4 screws with a special screw driver)
(a disassembled Wii controller)
(reallocate the sensor)
It is the second time my Wii controller is not full functioned; only the A,B buttons work, but Wii console can not sense the move of controller. I think it is because the frequent big movement with Wii Fit boxing training. Since there are so may Wii users in the world, there must be a lot people got same problem, but did not know how to solve it. So let me share my experience, but NO GUARANTEE!
  1. remove the battery box cover.
  2. remove the 4 screws with a special screw driver.
  3. separate the upper and lower covers of controller.
  4. remove the IC board and reallocate moving parts, especially the censor shown in the photo.
  5. assemble the upper and lower covers of controller, then put the 4 screws back to where they were.
  6. load the batteries, and pray!
So far, I have brought my Wii controller back to live twice. Hope it also works for your Wii controllers, unless they are totally broken.

January 20, 2008


(the warm up for Tianmu Trail - about 1000 step stairway)
(the old water pipe line)
(beautiful Ancient Path of Tianmu)
(beautiful sky)
(nice desserts after hiking -
peanut soup, red bean soup and hot rice cake)

Finally we got a wonderful sunny day after a long lasting raining days. So let's go hiking! Tianmu Trail (天母古道) is a popular hiking trail in northern Taipei city and it leads you from Tianmu to Yangmin Mt.. Total distance is about 3.4Km and will take you about 2 hours to finish the whole trip.

It was quite an enjoy trip, but the long stairway almost killed us. After the stairway, we did enjoy the beautiful ancient path of Tianmu. After reaching Chinese Culture University, we took bus back to downtown and stopped by at a famous dessert shop, having a wonderful tea time for a happy ending of this trip.

Hiking information of Taipei City

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January 13, 2008


(the Colosseum)
(the Colosseum)
(hallway at the Colosseum)
(the detail of hypogeum of the Colosseum;
wooden walkway is a modern structure)
(all photos taken in 2003)

Recently HBO shows the movie "Gladiator" quite frequently. It is a good movie even though I have watched it several times. One of the major scenes in the movie is the Colosseum.

The Colosseum was built almost 2000 year ago and the major purpose was for gladiator death match; what a bloody sports and entertainment!!

The Colosseum is a must attraction for all the visitors to Rome because it is the symbol of Roman Empire. When visiting the Colosseum, you will be astonished by its huge and complicated structures. No wonder people always say "Rome was not built in one day."

January 2, 2008


(a stone lion at Ciaozai Village)
(abandoned anti-landing spikes at Banli beach)
(UNI Air Dash8-200 ready to take me home)

Withing a full day, I visited almost all the places where tourist can go. Beigan Island did change a lot; less soldiers, and improved infrastructures. It is no longer a fortress, but maybe a paradise on the sea. Will I visit Beigan again? may after another 17 years! I have got what I want during this trip!

If you would like to visit Beigan Island, the best season is during July to October. The uncertain transportation is the main problem due to the bad weather during other seasons.