August 28, 2010


LEXUS LFA Sports Car
LEXUS LFA Sports Car
LEXUS LFA Sports Car
Lexus is always the symbol of high performance (and high price) Japanese car; the sedans and LSUVs of Lexus are quite popular in Taiwan, and compete with European luxurious brands such as Mercedes and BMW. But Lexus has never offered a super sport car to compete with European super sports car, such as Porsche or Ferrari.

Now there is a Japanese road warrior from Lexus. The LFA sets the new milestone and gives people a new brand image of Lexus. This super car is truly a monster based on the Formula One experience and technology of Toyota. LFA will be another hot shot for super car fans or collectors, since there will be only 500 cars produced.

To promote the brand of Lexus, Lexus Taiwan brought one LFA to Taiwan for a road show. Now they are working very hard to get few LFA to fulfill Taiwan market. So we may see this super car on high ways in Taiwan soon.

BTW, the price of LFA is about €375,000

Lexus LFA

August 21, 2010


Taitung, beautiful east coast of Taiwan
Jinhen Mt./台東太麻里金針山
When people visit Taiwan, most of them visit the major cities on the west coast of Taiwan, such as Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. They hardly go to the east coast of Taiwan to visit Hualian and Taitung, due to inconvenient transportation.

Hualian and Taitung give you a very different feeling of Taiwan compared with those cities on the west coast. Because the beautiful mother nature and the indigenous cultures. I love Taitung most, because I can see beautiful Pacific Ocean and the magnificent Central Mountain Range, also the pure air the easy life style.

If you have a chance to Visit Taiwan and have some time to spend out of major cities, I do recommend you to go to Taitung to experience the different Taiwan.

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August 4, 2010


Lotus pond

I was supposed to avoid the burning sun yesterday, but I just wanted to test my new toy, the Sigma 18-50 F2.8 EX DC Macro lens. So I grabbed my gear and went to AnKang Farm of National Taiwan University(台灣大學安康農場) to take some photos at the end of lotus season.

Thanks for the burning sun, I got some nice photos, also sun tan.

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