October 29, 2005


(one of my seats)
(my last seat in office)

Oct. 31 will be the last day for me working at this company. I have been working at this company for over 4 years. I had a unforgettable experience of seeing a company going through boss changing, downsizing, reorganization and many many unbelievable poor management strategies (if there were strategies). I am glad to leave here and have a good move for my career. Although I am leaving, I still would like to thank the great Home Automation Team; they are all great people; self-motivated, disciplined, and self-learning, we could not make this business happen without these people.
Also, I would like to thank my supervisor, he gave me what I deserved!

October 23, 2005


The classmates of Lisa School had a wonderful dinner party at Spring Park Urai Spa & Resort on Oct. 22. We enjoyed the nice wine and dinner, also learned a lot about food and wine from Lisa. I think all of the classmates are proud of being the students of Lisa School and really happy to know each other.
Lisa said we are the best class (19th class) she has ever had. I don't know how true it is, but I am sure all my classmates are hard-working and smart persons in their field.

October 19, 2005


October 17 is the birthday of Kimi Raikkonen. Happy Birthday! Kimi.
Kimi is a young and aggressive driver, he also drives cautiously. Though he did not win the 2005 F1 driver's Championship, he is always the number one driver to all the Kimi's fans.

October 3, 2005


I had the final interview this afternoon. Facing 4 persons really made me nervous, and did not perform as well as the first interview. Fortunately, after this one hour interview, the GM told me that I have passed the final interview.
The company arranged this 4 day trip just for the one hour interview. This really made me understand how Japanese company take things seriously.
The photo shown here is the Tokyo Metro Government, just across street from the hotel where I stayed.

October 2, 2005


I have never thought that my first time visiting Japan is for a job interview. Before the interview, I took time to meet a college classmate which we have not seen each other for ten years. Now she is a Mom of 2-year-old boy, but still looks like usual. It is pleased to meet an old friend and know she having a wonderful family.
Of course I do not forget my the most important purpose coming Tokyo-the interview. I am sure everything is going all right!