September 12, 2006


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Recently I am planning to get a new car to replace my current 5-year old Premecy with almost 100,000Km on it. During the car hunting , there is a conflict "needs vs. wants", do I need just a car for transportation, or I want an import car for transportation and for FUN?

There is almost a one million NT dollar difference between the price of domestic cars and import cars. The quality of import car is so impressive and attractive, but the price is not so friendly.

Though I was not a good student, I still remember what teacher said in the first class of Economics, " the Economics is caused by unlimited wants vs. limited resources." It is really true!

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Howard Fang said...

When your pocket is deep enough, then choose your wants, otherwise, choose your needs.
I can only appreciate the wants, and look for the needs.
Ha Ha Ha Ha~~~