September 5, 2007


(formation of MiG-29N flew over Sepang International Circuit)
(formation of 4 MiG-29N)
(another view of MiG-29N formation)

After the open house of Sung Shan AFB, friends complained the air shows were not as exciting as seen at other AFBs, because the formations were not low enough to impress visitors. They could not feel the power of jet engines.
I did not see any air show in Taiwan before, but I agreed with my friends. I think air force cared more about safety than exciting performance, because Sung Shan AFB is also an airport for domestic flight and it is near residential area.
During the Formula one Malaysian GP, Malaysian air force performed MiG-29N aerobatic shows for 3 days. 6 MiG-29N (4 for formation, 2 for solo) really impressed visitors and gave them a unforgettable good memory. Maybe their performance was not as exciting as Thunder Bird, Blue Angels, and Thunder Tiger, but I did enjoy the shock from powerful jet engines.
Maybe this kind aerobatic show costs too much, so they canceled the show since 2006.

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