November 16, 2007


(Sansia Horn Bridge)
(Sansia Qingshui Zushi Temple)
(Sansia Qingshui Zushi Temple)
(Sansia Old Street)
(Sansia Old Steet)

Once father was the deputy chief of Sansia Police Dept., but I have never taken a good look at this town. Today I spent a day for a Sansia trip to feel this town which father spent several years of his life with.
The three major historic sites in Sansia are:
Sansia Horn Bridge: this 93 meter long bridge was built in 1933, and was the main traffic line for this town. Now they have another bigger bridge to handle the heavy traffic, but it is still a popular spot to look at this town.
Sansia Qingshui Zushi Temple: This temple was built in 1769 and has been renovated for three times. The first time was in response to damage from a massive earthquake, the second time was because of fire set by Japanese Army during WWII. Then the third time was after the war, the people elected professor Li Mei-Shu as architect for a rebuilding of the temple. Professor Li did what he could and dedicated himself to building a temple that combined Eastern and Western art. This temple is also called "Art Palace of the East."
Sansia Old Street: Near the mountains and by the rivers, Sansia Old Street is one of the longest old streets in northern Taiwan. It is a complete traditional street with historical value. This old street and is about 200 meters long, and those buildings have stood since early 20th century. Today you can see a lot of interesting souvenir stores there; the most popular souvenir is the blue-dyeing clothes.
for more information about Sansia: please visit Sansia


老方 said...

Hey man~~
Such nice pictures!!
We were there 2 weeks ago, but full of people. Could even took the proper picture of the temple!!

James Tung said...

I went there on Firday, so I got a better chance to take photos of the temple and old street.