January 26, 2008


(remove the 4 screws with a special screw driver)
(a disassembled Wii controller)
(reallocate the sensor)
It is the second time my Wii controller is not full functioned; only the A,B buttons work, but Wii console can not sense the move of controller. I think it is because the frequent big movement with Wii Fit boxing training. Since there are so may Wii users in the world, there must be a lot people got same problem, but did not know how to solve it. So let me share my experience, but NO GUARANTEE!
  1. remove the battery box cover.
  2. remove the 4 screws with a special screw driver.
  3. separate the upper and lower covers of controller.
  4. remove the IC board and reallocate moving parts, especially the censor shown in the photo.
  5. assemble the upper and lower covers of controller, then put the 4 screws back to where they were.
  6. load the batteries, and pray!
So far, I have brought my Wii controller back to live twice. Hope it also works for your Wii controllers, unless they are totally broken.


Bluefox said...

James 是不是拆槍拆習慣了,就連 Wii 也拆來修了 @@

BTW 雖然是水貨 不過不知道這東西有保固嘛?

James Tung said...

I think it comes with one year warranty, but it does not work in Taiwan. So I have to provide the customer service by myself. :)

Bluefox said...

I see. Sometime I just don't get it.
why can those companies provide worldwide service. We (my previous company) did even user purchase their copy from US. Since people do move around the world.

Btw,are u coming for F1 Singapore this year?

James Tung said...

Singapore GP....the first nighttime F1 race. I am thinking about it. Are you going?

Bluefox said...

我也正在想 如果時間上允許