May 1, 2008


Renault F1 Show Car

Renault F1 Show Car

ING is the title sponsor of ING Renault F1 team, but I never know "symantec" is also one of the sponsors

For promoting Renault's new cars, Renault Motor Taiwan is having an F1 show in New York New York Shopping Center, Taipei during April 25 to May 25, 2008. As a Formula one fan, of course I would not miss this chance to see an F1 racing car, even it is just a show car.

But this time, I am kind disappointed about this F1 show.

  • The show car is surrounded by high glass walls.
  • This show car is not R28, R27, or R26. I can not tell what model it is, though it wears R28 (2008 model) painting.

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