July 5, 2008


My travel mates
Strike bezel of Surefire E2D

(the strike bezel of Surefire E2D)

Being a frequent traveler, I have some special travel mates. I may not need them every trips, but I feel comfortable and confident when I travel with them.

My special travel mates are:

  • Pocket Smoke-Escaping Mask: We stay at high level floor of hotel frequently when we travel, so this travel mate can help us escape from smoke which is the main killer in a fire. It is very compact and easy to carry, but I wish I will never need to open the pack.
  • Swiss Army knife: a wonderful multi-purpose tool which I don't need to say much about it. Just pick one with 10-15 functions, don't carry a heavy one; unless you go camping for a long time!
  • Surefire flashlight: a small and powerful flashlight gives you not only a clear view in the dark, but also some defense power. My E2D Executive Defender powered by 2 CR123 batteries, has an output of 60 lumen (bright enough to momentarily blind) and 75 minute run time. More than that, it comes with a strike bezel for use as a pain compliance and control tool.

These are my special travel mates, what is yours?


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