March 6, 2009


Shengsing Train Station 勝興車站
Shengsing Train Station 勝興車站
Remains of Longteng Bridge 龍騰斷橋

Shengshin Train Station is located in Miaoli county, Taiwan. It is the highest point of Taiwan railway system, about 402.326 meters above sea level. Due to route changed, the last train denatured from Shengshin Train Station was on 23 September 1998. After that, Shengshin Train Station became a train station without any arriving train. Today it becomes a popular tourist site because of well maintained train station, railways and old style Hakka atmosphere.

Near Shengshin Train Station, there is another famous site which is Remains of Longteng Bridge. It is also a part of Taiwan railway history. This bridge was damaged twice by earthquakes. Now it is displayed as a memorial for the 921 Earthquake

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Todd said...

Great shots James!

James Tung said...

thanks! It was a good day for photo shooting.