August 21, 2010


Taitung, beautiful east coast of Taiwan
Jinhen Mt./台東太麻里金針山
When people visit Taiwan, most of them visit the major cities on the west coast of Taiwan, such as Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. They hardly go to the east coast of Taiwan to visit Hualian and Taitung, due to inconvenient transportation.

Hualian and Taitung give you a very different feeling of Taiwan compared with those cities on the west coast. Because the beautiful mother nature and the indigenous cultures. I love Taitung most, because I can see beautiful Pacific Ocean and the magnificent Central Mountain Range, also the pure air the easy life style.

If you have a chance to Visit Taiwan and have some time to spend out of major cities, I do recommend you to go to Taitung to experience the different Taiwan.

More photos of Taitung


夏夏Hsia said...

it worth visiting there!!!

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