September 4, 2010


"INSIDE THE DMZ" special exhibition
South Korean K2 "Black Panther" Main Battle Tank.  One of the most advanced tanks in the world.
South Korean K21 Infantry fighting vehicle

Because of 60th anniversary of Korean War, there is a special exhibition "Inside the DMZ" at War Memorial of Korean. This exhibition tells stories about Korea from Korean War to Today's Korea. Because 99% of the instruction of this exhibition are in Korean, so I could not fully understand all the displays.

But there are 2 items definitely getting everyone's attention, the K2 Black Panther Tank and K21 Infantry fighting vehicle. These 2 advanced armoured vehicles are the pair of steel fists of modern South Korean Army to against the invasion from the north. From my personal point of view, I think K2 and K21 may be the best fighting vehicles among all Asian countries, also are capable to compete with some cutting edge tanks of western countries.

Inside the DMZ

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