October 5, 2010


Jan. 1, 2006 driving for friend's wedding
Dec. 22, 2008 at Shei-Pa National Park
After more than 9 years, I finally sold my 2001 Mazda Premacy which has been working for over 130,000km. Since old friend is gone, here comes the new friend, the 2006 Ford Escape which is almost a gift from my uncle. Though this Ford is more than 4 years old, uncle put only 12,000km on it.

This Ford Escape meets my requirements very much; SUV type, safe, big trunk, can handle some rough road, and no fancy electronic stuffs. And it still runs like a new car.

I think this Ford will bring a lot of fun to our family. I will take good care of it for sure!


guren said...

Congratulations on your new friend, sir. That is a nice looking car. Does your uncle have an extra car for me, too?

James Tung said...

Dear Guren, thanks for your comment. but I don't think my uncle has another car for you.

In fact, this Ford Escape is the first car from Ford Taiwan qualified to export to Japan. So you may see its family in Tokyo. :)