September 15, 2012


VFC HK416D VFC HK416D, receiver VFC HK416D, receiver HK 416D with rail covers

Heckler & Koch is one of my favorite firearm manufactures, due to its good design, battle proved quality, but not the high price. This HK 416D assault rifle is an advanced model of US M4A1 rifle. It kept the popular design of M4A1, but with improved reliability. This airsoft HK 416D is made by a Taiwanese company named VFC, which is famous of producing high quality airsoft gun for hobbyists.  Due to the HK logo licencing issue, I had waited for it for a long time.

The airsoft is powered by gas, not electricity. So it operates more like a real rifle and gives player some recoil feeling. That is the fun part of operating a GBB (Gas Blow Back) airsoft. That is also why more airsoft BB manufactures produce GBB model guns.

If you are a BB gun hobbyist, and you love H&K, I will recommend you to get one.

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