September 25, 2005


The classmates of interpreter training class had a gathering at Spring Park Urai Spa & Resort today. It was a pleasure to spend whole afternoon with these wonderful classmates coming from different background.
We are planning to have a party at the same place after finishing this training. All of us are so exciting like when we were at school before.
I don't only learn interpreting skill from the class, but also know many nice people. I am very glad that I made the decision to take this training.


Howard Fang said...

Hey Man!! You are lucky, only THREE boys in your class!!!
(But, I don't think you can do anything BAD~~~)!!!

James Tung said...

In fact, there should be 2 more male classmates, but they were absent. And there is a saying of Lisa's School "女生當男生用,男生當畜生用"