July 14, 2007


(there should be a pair of obelisks in front of Luxor Temple)
(one obelisk is missing)
(the missing obelisk from Luxor Temple is in Paris)

If you have been to Luxor Temple in Egypt, you may wonder where another obelisk(方尖碑) is? It supposed to be a pair of obelisks in front of the temple, but who took it?

I went to Paris in 2003 and saw a obelisk and I did not pay much attention on it. I thought it was built by French for some special purpose. But when I visited Egypt in 2004, then I knew where that obelisk came from. The one in Paris was a gift from Egypt which was moved from Luxor Temple!!! It is really hard to believe why Egyptian government gave such a precious item to France and make their own historical site incomplete.

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