July 16, 2007


(Public Market on Pike Street, Seattle)
(the restaurant where Tom Hanks had lunch in the movie)
(the first Starbucks with original logo)
(the famous fish company - Pike Place Fish Co.)
(heaven for seafood lovers)

Many of you might watch the movie "Sleepless in Seattle". Except the romantic story, you might pay a lot attention to the beautiful city, Seattle. One place you saw many times in the movie is the Pike Place Public Market which is a place you must visit in Seattle. You can find not only wonderful seafood there, also a lot unique stores full of surprise; comic books, antiques, toys and many many other stuffs.
Also, you can find the first Starbucks on Pike Street. Don't miss it and check out its original logo; it is not green!
(all photos taken in 2002)

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