August 11, 2007


(AK74 family from VFC)
(Inokatsu, big sales of M-60 machine guns and others)
(FN SCAR L from VFC, carrying case will be the standard accessory )
(KAC PDW from VFC, compact but ugly)
(Chinese army uniform with Germany style helmet in WW II)
(another Chinese army uniform with British helmet in WWII)

Visited the 3rd Hooha survival game show in Taipei today. Nothing special, just like a big flea market there. Only VFC SCAR assault rifles and CA SA 58 carbine got my attention, especially the SA 58. I am tired of seeing M-16, AK and HK. Finally we can get something unique. After fooling around for 1.5 hours, went home without purchasing anything(my wife was happy!), but glad to see some friends there.


T-Bone said...

cool. Did you take a look at GMW's Bizon? Ya! Bizon! But the mag look complicated. Gi Gi ordered the Sig 556 kit too. Hooah!

James Tung said...

Bizon? I did not see it. I would like to see the Sig 556. GiGi is a rich guy can buy whatever he likes!
I am thinking about the SA58.

H. said...

SA58, vote one!