August 30, 2007


(bison and its calf)
(bear family)
(another bear family)
(can you find the wolf or coyote?)

We had our honeymoon trip in Yellowstone National Park in May, 2001. It was a wonderful 5-day trip. The most impressive thing was the wild lives there. So many many bison made us feel like in the movie "Dances with wolves". Because it was in early spring, so we also saw new lives!

Of course, bears are always expected by visitors in Yellowstone National Park. Whenever you see a lot of cars parking at roadside, then you know there is a bear or there are bears. Park rangers always there to make sure there is a safe distance between visitors and bears. We saw about 7 bears during that trip.

Talking about "Dances with wolves", we met something unexpected - a wolf! (or a coyote). We were hiking on a trail up to the hill to see the whole view of the Old Faithful Geyser. Suddenly I found we and a wolf (or a coyote) standing face to face. Because it was grey and standing near rocks, so it was very hard to see. When I saw it, we were just about less than 5 meters away each other. Be honesty, I was quite scared, because I was afraid there were more wolves around. I took out my pocket knife and ordered my wife back away to a safe distance, then I started to move back. Then...I took the photo shown here! What a close contact with wild life!

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