October 28, 2008


Jing Tong Station of Taiwan Railways

Jing Tong Station of Taiwan Railways

Jing Tong Railway Station

Jing Tong Station

Shih Fen

Railway passing "through" Shih Fen

Ping Hsi(平溪鄉) is a small town in Taipei county, famous for the Ping Hsi line railway and sky lantern. This time we would like to try something different. I parked the car at Jing Tong(菁桐) and walked through Ping Hsi(平溪) to Shih Fen(十分), total 9.5 Km. It took us about 2 hours to finish this walking trip. If you are not a hiking people, don't try walking from Ping Hsi to Shih Fen, it is a pretty long walk.

In fact, if you are not coming to Ping Hsi for the sky lantern, there is nothing special. So we had a late lunch and took the train back to Jing Tong, then drove home.

Maybe you think our Ping Hsi day trip was boring, but we enjoyed the walking very much.

Ping Hsi tour web site (Chinese only)
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