December 26, 2008


Wuling Farm, very European styleWuling HotelMaple leaves at Wuling Farm

It was 10 degree in Celsius, but I did not feel cold. I was enjoying the sunshine, the sound of running creek, the ending maple season and the European/North American style view. Where was I? I was at Wuling Farm (武陵農場)which is 1700m above sea level.

Last visit to Wuling was in my high school days. Now Wuling Farm has become a recreation area instead of a pure farm. Green mountains and clear creeks make Wuling Farm a nice place to free your mind and go hiking.

Also, accommodation cost is inexpensive at Wuling Farm. We spent only NTD3,980 (USD120) for one night at Hoya Resort Hotel Wuling(武陵富野度假村); including one room, and 2 meals(dinner/breakfast) for 2 persons. And the hotel was so nice to arrange a concert and star watching during the night time.

I will recommend my friend to visit Wuling Farm and stay at least one night to enjoy the Rocky Mountain view in Taiwan. Wuling Farm shows its beauty in various styles during different seasons, so I am sure I will visit Wuling again some times.

More photos of Wuling Farm

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Joe Gray said...

Looks like a real nice place to visit.