February 8, 2009


Himeji Castle 姬路城
Himeji Castle 姬路城
weapons(rifles and spears) in the Himeji Castle

There are four castles designated as National treasures in Japan. They are Himeji Castle(姬路城), Hikone Castle (彥根城), Inuyama Castle(犬山城), and Matsumoto Castle(松本城).

I have been to Matsumoto Castle in 2006, so I took this opportunity to visit Himeji Castle which is about 90 min. away from Osaka by train.

Compared with most castles and temples in Japan, Himeji Castle is so lucky to survive and keep in a good condition after bombing in WW II. The construction of Himeji temple was completed in 1618 and some restoration work began in 1956.

Currently, most parts of the castle remain the original condition and opened to tourists. So it is a very nice place to learn how ancient Japanese utilized the castle. Though Himeji Castle looks fancy in its appearance, it was built for military purpose. So you will find weapon storage space everywhere in the castle. It is really a fortress!

If you go to Osaka City, please don't miss this wonderful attraction which the castle you will not see at any other place in Japan.

Photos of Himeji Castle

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