February 7, 2009


a lot of deers in the Nara ParkTodai-Ji  東大寺
Big Buddha at Todai-Ji  東大寺

Just 40 min. away from Osaka City by train, we went to Nara (奈良市) to visit the Nara Park and Todai-Ji (東大寺) .

Nara Park is very near Kintetsu Nara station (近鐵奈良駅), and it is famous of a bunch of free deers. Yes, I say "a bunch of" free deers; there are around 1200 deers. You can touch and feed them and get along with them peacefully, unless you do something dangerous, such as attacking them or trying to take the baby deer aways from mother deer. These lovely deers make Nara Park a great attraction for tourists.

Another attraction site in Nara City is
Todai-Ji, a temple original built in the Nara period (710-794 AD). And the big Buddha in Todai-Ji makes this temple important and so different from other temples in Japan. As other many temples in Japan, Todai-Ji was also damaged and rebuilt several times. The Great Buddha Hall was burned in the fire of war in 1180 and 1567. Current building we see today is the third generation building which is approximately 33% smaller the the original one, but it is still the largest wooden structure in the world.

Photos of Nara

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