May 5, 2009


Omotesando Hills Omotesando HillsLouis Vuitton at Omotesando
Tonkatsu meal at Maisen

"Omotesando" originally means the front access to shrine. In Tokyo, Omotesando is the road leading to Meiji Shrine. But now you can not feel any traditional Japan at Omotesando, instead of a mixture of European fashion and modern Japan.

Today, Omotesando is known as a high-end shopping area. You can find Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tod's and other international name brand here. It is a pleasure to walk in this area, even just doing window shopping. Besides these fancy stores, do not miss those small stores in the alleys; they always surprise you.

I visited Omotesando 3 years ago, and it was during the night and only spent time for the best tonkatsu in Tokyo (even in Japan) at Maisen (とんかつまい泉) . This time Maisen still satisfied my desire for wonderful tonkatsu.

Another purpose to visit Omotesando is to see the Omotesando Hills which was designed by Tadao Ando(安藤忠雄), a famous Japanese architect. The design of this shopping mall is quite unique and provided me a pleasant window shopping experience, even it was rainy outside on the day of my first visit.

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