May 1, 2009


Tung Blossoms
Tung Blossoms
falling Tung Blossoms in creek

April and May are the Tung Blossom (Aleurites Montana) seasons in Taiwan, so there are many cities join 2009 Hakka Tung Blossom Festival. Since we are living in Taipei county, we went to Tucheng City (土城) to see Tung Blossom.

Nice weather and the nice view of Tung Blossoms made us a good hiking trip. Even we just caught the end of cherry blossom season in Japan during last week, we still enjoyed the Tung Blossom in Taiwan. If cherry blossom is a pretty Japanese girl with make up, then Tung Blossom is a beautiful and pure Taiwanese girl.

Thanks for Tucheng City government's arrangement of shuttle bus between the Tung Blossom Park and MRT station, so the visitors could access the Tung Blossom areas easily without suffering from traffic.

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