November 1, 2009


Seibu Dome/西武巨蛋
2 teams before the game
Wacom Asia Pacific vs. Wacom Japn at Seibu Dome
For most baseball fans, they would dream to have a chance to play baseball at a pro baseball field once in their life time. Even some of my friends play baseball frequently, they never dare to dream about that.

How lucky I was! After 20 years playing baseball in college, I had a chance to play baseball again at Seibu Dome, the home of Japanese pro baseball team - Seibu Lions. It was a very unique and touching experience. I felt I was so small at such a big baseball stadium and I could feel the proud of pro player.

This game was between Asia Pacific Division and mother company, the final score was 9 to 9. All colleagues enjoyed this game, because of playing baseball with colleagues from several countries and also for the wonderful dream baseball field.


Phoenix said... lucky you were, did you get any signature from Saibu player?

James Tung said...

no! no any player of Seibu Lion. Only player from WCL and AP.

But it was a wonderful experience to play at Seibu Dome.