November 2, 2009


My lucky tonkatsu meal at とんかつ三太
Tonkatsu of とんかつ三太
Coming to Tokyo for a job interview four years ago. That was my first time ever in Japan (now 17 times!!!). On the day before the interview, I was walking around in Shinjuku area and looking for a place for lunch. Suddenly I saw a signage with a little pig on it and many food models of Tonkatsu (Japanese fried pork chop) meal set in the window. I decided to give it a try, since Tonkatsu is one of my favorite Japanese dishes. I was satisfied with the taste and the value. That was my first meal in Japan(except the breakfast in hotel). But I did not remember the name of the restaurant and never visited it again.

One week ago when we were in Tokyo, also in Shinjuku looking for a restaurant for dinner. Suddenly I saw the little pig signage again. So I and my wife had dinner there, and I told her this story during my Tokyo interview trip. I think I can say this tokatsu meal is my lucky tokatsu, since I past the interview next day and got this decent job.

By the way, this restaurant is named "とんかつ三太".

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