January 3, 2010


M733 Amphibious Personal Carrier
M733 Amphibious Personal Carrier/ the logo of ROC Marines
M733 Amphibious Personal Carrier
Hukou Township (湖口鄉) is famous of its old streets and the largest army tank base. To show the special history of Hukou Township, the township government requested some decommissioned tanks to be displayed at some tourist sites.

Near the parking lot of Hukou old street, there is a very special military vehicle which is the M733 amphibious personal carrier. According to the description, this vehicle served in ROC Marine Corps, a special model from M116 Husky in 60'.

It is hard to find any information about this special armour vehicle, either specifications and service history. Anyway, it did serve in ROC Marine Corp and be a part of national defence force of Taiwan, now retired and tries to tell its story to visitors.

After taking some photos, I though what General Douglas MacArthur said "OLD SOLDIERS NEVER DIE, THEY JUST FADE AWAY" is really a good description of this military vehicle.

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