January 5, 2010


Hukou old street/湖口老街Hukou old street/湖口老街Hukou old street/湖口老街
Long time ago when I worked as a commercial film producer, I had a commercial film shot at Hukou old street. Hukou old street was not such a popular tourist site at that time and was a perfect place to tell stories of early Taiwan.

Now Hukou old street became a famous tourist site of HsinChu County. It may not be as the origin, but I still prefer it than other old streets. Because it keeps more original flavour, with less non-sense souvenir shops and less visitors. But what I don't like is they allow cars driving though the old street during holidays.

If you like to see some Taiwanese old streets, don't miss Hukou old street.

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Sharingan said...

hmmm very beautiful place. i have to go there too if i visit TW