March 5, 2011


beautiful tulip garden
TulipsTulip with dew on it 還掛著晨露的鬱金香

There was a long weekend at the end of February and the weather was so pretty; warm and sunny. Most people took this opportunity to have outdoor activities. The most popular activity was visiting the cherry blossom sites.

We did not go to see cherry blossom instead of visiting a private garden named 桃源仙谷 (Tao Yuan Shan Gu) where was full of variety of tulips. We enjoyed those colorful tulips and some cherry blossoms, also enjoyed the walking under the sunshine.

As seeing those beautiful flowers and feeling warm weather, we were pretty sure "spring is coming!".

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EpicuriousTravels said...

Wow, these shots are lovely. You're a fantastic photographer!