March 26, 2011


Bugatti Veyron
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano in Kyoto
Lamborghini Murcie'lago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce
Ferrari F40
In last November, I finally bought a set of Sony PS3 for its blue-ray capability and for the long waiting game, Gran Turismo 5. There are hundreds of cars from daily driving cars to the super sports cars waiting for my driving. I think this game making most boys' (and some girls) dream come true. Though I am already a level 24 driver in the game, but I still expect more driving experiences and challenges in the game. I don't think I will be ever bored with this wonderful game.

Also, there is a photography function allows me to take photo when my driving video replayed. I can choose the timing, location, and angle for photo shooting. The best is to set up the camera just like the real one; shutter speed, aperture, zoom in/out.... So I can take photos of my dream cars under fully controlled conditions.

I think Gran Turismo 5 provides me unusual experiences which there are almost impossible happened in my real life. It really give me a lot of pleasure! Would you like to give it a try and join the race in virtual world?

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