April 13, 2011


Halong Bay 下龍灣
our cruiser - Syrena. Started operation in 2011
our cabin on Syrena, not big but cozy
Cruise at Halong Bay 下龍灣
Halong Bay 下龍灣

Vietnam was always a part of Vietnam War history to me; most people were Charlie (nick name of Viet Con by Americans or Hollywood movies). But the world is changing, so is Vietnam. For a better development of country and a better life of people, now Vietnam is much opener than ever.

Had a chance having a 5 day trip to Vietnam, main purpose was visiting Ha Long Bay(下龍灣). Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It includes almost 2,000 island, and most are limestone. Because the huge area on the sea, the only way is to take a cruise to have a glace of it. If you have time, taking 2 day 1 night cruise is the best arrangement. Now there are 500 regular touring boats and about 60 cruisers which provides accommodation service.

We took Syrena Cruise this time and the boat started operation just in early 2011. The room is not big but cozy. Besides off boat activities for visiting 2 islands, there were also some interesting on boat activities, such as Tai Chi and cooking class. It was really a relaxing tour for us.

And talking about Ha Long Bay, looking at photos is always better than reading thousand words.


EpicuriousTravels said...

These pictures are so beautiful! I would love to visit here. :) Thank you for sharing!

James Tung said...

thanks for your comment. You also have a wonderful blog

Brandon said...

I stumbled across your site lookin for blogs about Taiwan. I instantly recognized the scene as I had recently been to Ha Long this past year. I will soon be in Taiwan and I run a blog myself at www.lifeoutsideamerica.com if you are interested. I'd love to share links as well if you are interested.

James Tung said...

Dear Brandon, thanks for your visit and your blog is so great. Thanks for sharing.