March 1, 2008


(lunch at Chou's Shrimp Rolls 周氏蝦捲)
(coffin pie 棺材板)
(eel noodle 鱔魚麵)
(Fugi's meat ball 福記肉丸 )
(famous cakes of Deep Blue Cafe 深藍咖啡廳)

Tainan city is not only famous of its historic sites, but also many delicious local foods. The Chou's Shrimp Rolls is my favorite! They have run this business for over 50 years. They serve wonderful Shrimp rolls and shrimp related food. As you can see in the first photo, we ordered 2 serves of Shrimp rolls (crispy skin outside and tender shrimp inside), cold shrimp plate, and ground pork rice and cost only NTD210 (about USD6).

Other good foods are coffin pie (Guan Tsai Ban), eel noodle and the meat ball. The coffin pie is a special local food in Tainan, made of fried toast with mixed gravy inside. Because it looks like a coffin, so local people call it coffin pie. Don't be scared by its name, it tastes really good; more like a western food than a Taiwanese food.

I would also recommend the Deep Blue Cafe. They make wonderful multi-layer cakes (Mille Crepes). Because it is fresh, it tastes better than what we used to have by mail order.

Tainan's local foods are wonderful! But when you have only 2 days, it is too much to handle it. I did not feel hungry at all during the 2 day trip.


yi yi said...

wow,really,these foods look so delicious,i m so hungry......

James Tung said...

they don't just look good, but also tast good:)